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The Villa il Pilaccio nel Cilento

Cembalo Palace

The villa “Il Pilaccio nel Cilento” was erected in 1875 in a small area neighbouring the town of Perdifumo, known as Mercato Cilento.It was built as a “country palace” for the Cembalo family, and was located nearby the old convent of Santa Maria deiMartiri. The presence of the convent enhanced the growth, in the middle 1400, of a small village where an open-air market selling local products was held every Saturday. For that reason the new-born village was named Forum Sabati, Saturday market, later simply called Mercato. Green door


Since its construction the villa has been property of the Cembalo family who hasalways taken lovely care to preserve the original structure of its reserved, refined and warm spaces,being motivated by both adeepaffection for the place and the wish to hand on family traditions.

The villa, plunged in a ten thousand square metre garden with secular olive trees, is a wonderful ancient country house built in typical Cilento stone which, through sunset rays, takes rose-like colours.


The houseEach room of the villa is furnished with family belongings, old pieces of furniture which perfectly match with the high ceilings, the brickwork floors and the elegant 3mt high windows viewing over the garden and the astonishing sunsets.


Our country housewill be glad to welcome you into apure relaxing atmosphere,and to give you the chance to be cast into the charmof ancient times and antiquities: an ideal setting for special occasions! Cembalo Palace will turn an extraordinary eventinto a unique, unforgettable experience!