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The Villa il Pilaccio nel Cilento

Getting married in Cilento

Why should a couple decide to get married in Cilento, choosing it among the many attractive sites in the world?

Undoubtedly because Cilento in a magic place pregnant of charm and traditions: Cilento sites, in fact, were source of inspiration for Greek and Roman poets and singers who set many stories and adventures of their myths on its coasts. That reason might be just enough to prefer Cilento as a location for a wedding ceremony.

But, if we add that getting married in Cilento would also mean to get married in a Unesco World Heritage site, then, it would be pointless to wonder why a couple should look for a villa in that place where to celebrate their wedding. Since 1998 Cilento National Park , together with the archaeological sites of Paestum, Velia and Vallo di Diano, has entered the list of World Heritage, while only a year before, in June 1997, it was included in the small circle (350 all over the world) of Mab-Unesco biosphere Reserves (Mab stands for ‘Man and biosphere’), namely protected areas able to preserve biodiversity and to enhance a kind of environmental development compatible with culture and nature together.

It is just nature, with its magnificent and uncontaminated variety of colours, spanning from the green of the woods to the blue of the crystalline sea, that mostly makes Cilento scenery unforgettable. Guests to your wedding will have no words at the sight of the multicoloured panorama available from our villa and they will remember that day forever, the day of your marriage!

Choosing Cilento as the background for their wedding ceremony reveals to be, beyond any doubt, ideal for any couple who wish to get married in a fabulous place where to realize their dreams and start to move ahead their way in life as a married couple.